About Us

Our “Black Society” restaurant, which began operations in 2006 has offered a wide range of innovative and contemporary Chinese cuisines set in a  stylish and black-colored theme interior design. In addition to popular Cantonese dim sum and traditional Chinese banquet dishes, our menu continues to evolve as we incorporate other regional flavours and trendy elements into traditional Chinese cuisine.

The Lobster Bisque, complete with the unusual addition of juicy Shanghai steamed dumplings, is a deinite must-try.

For the main course, go for the crispy aromatic duck that is roasted to a flavourful crunch. Refresh the palate with a kailan vegetable dish that is lightly blanched and served in unique mold of shaved ice with wasabi and soy sauce.

More conventional dishes such as the honey grilled spared ribs and fried udon in soya vinegar sauce are well-executed.

For the sweet ending, do not miss out on the signature Custard Balls, which ooze out salted egg yolk custard, and the Durian Soufflé Balls which will please any durian lover with its creamy rich D24 filling.